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Bring activism into the good, meaningful work already in your life. Anti-racism. Anti-Oppression. Anti-exploitation. Anti-discrimination. There has to be more than anti. Activism isn’t only getting rid of the bad. Dismantling evils is important. And there has to be more. There has to be good, sacred things that we’re seeking to protect.

Reasons we can’t be only fueled by rage:


-As the buzz around every public outcry wears off, so will your efforts.

-It’s reactive, so you have to wait for tragedy rather than proactively preventing injustice.

-We get numb. As we get used to devastating realities, it takes something more horrific and more grotesque to conjure the same outrage and response.

-We’d be miserable, we’d burn out quickly, and we would not sustain our fight.

What kind of world do you want to live in?

You may know what you want less of. What do you want more of in the world?


Not just what are you fighting against, but what are you fighting for?


The fight for justice has a place for anger and for love. For opposing evil and uplifting good. What are you fighting for?


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