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Weekend Among the Giants
Sequoia National Park, CA: October 2016

We took a last minute trip to the woods and it did our souls some good. I'm glad Jared and Andee came so that Craig would have someone to climb up ev-er-ry-thing with and so I could have someone who didn't feel the need to race me. We made it up Moro Rock, but only after a toddler and senior citizen passed me and put a little fire under my tush. We stayed in a sweet cabin in Three Rivers. As quaint as it was by day, that bar nightlife looked rough. Like worse than The Frog rough. So we called it an early night and gave Bragg and Dee the haunted upstairs room.  They made it to morning and we all happily took in the pouring rain over some coffee. 

Romonica Wedding 
Greve in Chianti, Italy : September 2016

Getting married in Italy was a pretty good idea. Way to go Monica + Romeo! I'm so thankful I was able to be present and reunite with some top notch (past and present) New Yorkers. Tuscany was amazingly beautiful and so, so old. Nothing like staying in a centuries-old villa to put your smug-ass in it's place.  Love, history, friendship, meat - this trip had it all. Salute e felicità agli sposi! 

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